April 7th 2011

Dalila gave birth to 10 little, fit and healthy little Rhodesian Ridgebacks puppies between 7.15 a.m. and 5.18 p.m. The 'Diamond's Ten'

We are proud and happy about this always wonderful present of new live.

Mum and babies are doing very well and Dalila is absolutly in her element to be a mum now.

Soon we will publish photos under the accordant links below:

Day 1   Day 2   Day 3&4   Day 5   Day 6   Day 7   Day 8   Day 9   Day 10   Day 11

Day 12   Day 13   Day 14   Day 15   Day 16   Day 17   Day 18   Day 19   Day 20

Day 21   Day 22   Day 23   Day 24 & 25   Day 26   Day 27   Day 28   Day 29  

Day 30 - 32   Day 33   Day 34   Day 35   Day 36   Day 37   Day 38 & 39   Day 40

Day 41 & 42   Day 43 & 44   Day 45   Day 46   Day 47   Day 48   Day 49   Day 50

Day 51   Day 52 & 53   Day 54 & 55   Day 56   Day 57   Day 58   Day 59 & 60

Day 61   Day 62 & 63   Day 64 & 65   Day 66 & 67




  April 3rd 2011

The countdown is on! Just a few day's till the puppies will see the light of day. As Dalila is not very exited about photoshooting any more I took a little film of her baby belly (so that she could stay in her favorite position).

One can see and feel the little fellows moving inside pretty clearly from outside!! We are very much looking forward to welcome the litte Diamond Baby's in this outside world!



  March 27th 2011

Again our gallery is enriched by another sunday photo of Dalila. As the pics are getting smaller each time we add one we made an album out of it. Please just click on the miniature photos to enlarge them and start a slideshow.

Meanwhile we also have build up the whelping box and have set up the puppy-room (photos are coming soon..)..and to our great pleasure we could feel for the first time some tentative movements of the pups by carfully laying our hands on Dalila's belly. Dalila herself is very affectionate and has stayed already the first night in the puppy room (in her whelping box); together with me (Sibylle).


  March 3rd 2011

There is a new photo in our 'before & after' gallery. Dalila on her 42nd day of pregnancy. The seventh week of pregnancy has begun now and one can clearly see, that her belly is bigger than before. She also is getting much more comy and careful while playing with Surayya.



  March 13th 2011

Now starts the 6th week of Dalilas pregnancy. On the pics below one can recognize the slight development of the baby-belly. In particular in comparison to Dalilas lean waist before the pregnancy. This is for sure over now for a while and Dalila also is a lot calmer and laid back as she used to be.

During the recent 5th week of pregnancy the fetuses started to develop toes and claws. The initial development of the organs is completed. The fetuses start looking like dogs now. Head and body can now be differentiated and the gender can be determined. Also the color of the fur starts to develop now.



  35. Day




  March 3rd 2011

Yipieeee! Now we have the evidence in black-and-white. Dalila is pregnant and is carrying quite a number little diamond-babies.

We are very happy about these news and we further report on the progress of the little raw-diamonds.



  February 26th 2011

Today is the 20th day of Dalila's pregnancy. She is feeling very good and we were asking ourselves what is going on inside her. We found the following interesting information on the internet:      


                                                                                                                                                                               Please click on the photo to open the second video.

     Fascinating pictures from a puppy inside the mothers womb nearly at the same stage Dalila's puppies are now.

  February 6th & 7th 2011

Finally the great day has come! Our veterinarian and expert for dog breeding, Dr. Blendinger, gave green light for mating Dalila to Hetch. Consequently we started our travel to bring the dream couple Dalila and Hetch together. It was very obvious they both liked each other right from the start which resulted in two uncomplicated matings on two subsequent days.


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