Jörg mit Amani (Welpe aus unserem A-Wurf) Sibylle mit Jola, Kira und Amani

                                              Jörg with Puppy                                                                   Jasmin with Dalila                                                                 Sibylle, Jola, Kira and a Puppy from our A-Litter


Welcome and thank you for visiting our Website!Welcome on our website. We would like to introduce ourselves and inform you about who stands behind our Kennel ‘Red Namib Sands’ as well as about the kennel history.




We met our first Rhodesian Ridgeback in summer 2000 during a wonderful vacation in Namibia, former (German) South West Africa (in case you are interested you’ll find a detailed travel report under Afrika/Namibia). We met two representatives of this amazing breed on remote farms in the african bush where they were kept as family pets but even more important in this environment as very reliable guard dogs.


Our first Rhosian Rigeback Kira (Imara Jabali Donner) was born in Sibylle's and Jasmin's old home country near Hanover in Northern Germany and joined us in May 2001.

Even before Kira got old enough to even think about breeding her we had to move to the most southern end of the country to Biberach in Swabia not far from Lake Constance and the borders to Switzerland and Austria.


In December 2002 Jörg imported our second female Ridgeback Jola directly from the famous Glenaholm Kennel of Laurie Venter in Johannesburg, South Africa (a report on this adventure can be found under 'Afrika').


Since 18. February 2003 we carry the FCI recognized and internationally protected kennel name 'Red Namib Sands'.


On March, 15th 2003 Kira passed the breeding qualification test of the German Breeders Association Rhodesian Ridgeback and shortly thereafter gave birth to a litter of 11 healthy RR babies on June, 8th 2003.

A little more than 1.5 years later she repeated this miracle on February 28th 2005 by giving birth to 13 healthy puppies and in spring 2009 almost 4 years after her second litter she became a mom for the very last time and gave birth to eleven healthy little Ridgebacks. Pictures and information on these three litters can be found under 'Litters'.



 Kira November 08


In August 2005 we moved to the USA, precisely to Brookfield, CT about 1 hour north of New York City. We planned initially to have a litter with Jola during our US time but since the circumstances were not as perfect as we would have liked them for our puppies we refrained from breeding her there.   


In December 2007 we moved back to Germany. Our new home and location of the kennel is now the village of Schweppenhausen which is a small vinery village not far from the UNESCO World Heritage of the Middle Rhine Valley and less than an hour away from Wiesbaden and Frankfurt.  


Our packs consists of  Sibylle, Joerg (doctor of veterinary medicine), our teenage daughter  Jasmin, of course our Ridgebacks (today Kira and Dalila) and 7 non-poisonous snakes. We live in a fairly large house (at least according to German standards) on a 2000 m2 (0.5 acre) property which is actually an old orchard and completely fenced in and ready for the next RR generation to run, play and to discover the world.


Since March 2008 ‘Fair Play’, a Westphalia warm-blooded horse also belongs to the family. Needless to say that Jasmin is crazy about horse riding.

           Fair Play and Dalila


On May, 2nd  2008 we were hit by a terrible tragedy when our beloved Jola was killed in a car accident while being pregnant in the 7th week. We were so shocked and incredibly sad about  Jola’s death that we honestly considered to completely stop our breeding activities. Due to the support and encouraging words from so many great people we were eventually able to look ahead and decided to continue.

                                                                                         Jola April 08


Since we were so completely convinced of Jola’s wonderful character, her temperament and intelligence, we started searching for a puppy with as much as possible Jola’s background on at least one side of the pedigree. Unfortunately since 2004 the import of non-vaccinated puppies from South Africa into the EU is not possible anymore. Therefore we had to look for litters with Jola’s background in Europe and the US.


We finally found what we were looking for in France, in the Kennel Kiungwana of Dr. Marion Reddy in Argentan, Normandie. A nice of Jola (Lionhill Loya of Glenaholm) as Jola bred by Laurie Venter in South Africa was expecting a very interesting litter from Manyona out of the famous Pronkberg Kennel in South Africa.


In July 2008 the red wheaten Dalila de Kiungwana of Red Namib Sands out this very promising and homogenous litter joined us. Dalila is beautiful, noble and elegant all in once. She has a black nose with mask and is very sensible, affectionate and cuddly. Her docility and readiness to work is making it a pleasure to perform Dog-Sports like Agility and Obedience with her.   Of course we will continuously report on Dalila’s development on our website.



Dalila as a young lady in November '08


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